Where is home, to us?

Home is where I am welcome,
Changing with time,
Changing with fortune.

Today among brothers,
Tomorrow among people of a foreign tongue;
Today in the land of my birth,
Tomorrow fleeing to the south or to the west;
Today among bosom colleagues,
Tomorrow among fellow opportunity-seekers;
Today a member of the league,
Tomorrow left behind or leaving behind the clique;
Today in a first love’s arms,
Tomorrow in a fourth lover’s charms.

When I determined that home was
Not permanent, not static,
I could bring myself to live
No other way than free
From unrestrained attachment to place
Or comfort or person,
Because home was wherever I was welcome.

(Originally written in August 2020, inspired by the uncertainty that COVID19 provoked in Nigeria.)


This is a work of fiction.


Photo by Cris DiNoto on Unsplash

By Chetam

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